Data Center

Store, Secure, Simplify Any enterprise of business to keep up in the industry, prefers going digital. Online transactions in today’s world form an important part of the business and sales. This operation requires a hi-end and sophisticated data centre to store and protect the essential client’s data.

A data centre is the space allocated for the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) infrastructure that supports any business. It varies in size, which is based on the scale of the operations. It could be a cabinet or a room as huge as a floor. The data centre comprises of servers and storage equipment that run application software and process and store data.

Shimotomo comprehends this requirement and offers a highly advanced data centre to mitigate the task of securely storing the critical data. Our efficient data centres are developed to yield savings and help the clients grow and make the most of the energy efficient performance.

Our infrastructure is reliable and performance oriented; it reduces the risk of disruption in business operations. Shimotomo offers the data centre that is controlled for temperature & humidity. In addition, it boasts of the amenities such as power supplies, chillers, backup power, cabling, fire and water detection systems, thus giving an unremitting service, and security controls.