Direct Merchant Account

For clients, who wish have a complete control over their account, Shimotomo recommends Direct Merchant Account. This exclusive account enables you to avail a host of select services. Also referred as Dedicated Merchant Account, it is provided to exclusive clients who need exclusive services, independent of other business activities.

This exclusive tool helps merchants win customers’ trust with the mere availability of their own business account. It assures customers of the security while carrying transactions. Hence, accepting cards yourself will help you convert more and more site visitors in to buyers.

This flexible account offers a bouquet of exclusive benefits such as:
» Merchant accounts come with the “Doing Business As” and a personal number. It helps your customer recognize the merchant’s name on bills/receipts and thereby, minimize your chargeback percentage
» Ability to accept major credit and debit cards
» Option of enabling multiple currency payment.
» Extensive back-office support to access performance, problems, and solutions help you grow your business.
» Total control over the transactions and chargeback.
» Receiving funds directly into your checking account within only one to two business days.
» High transaction volume because of Direct Merchant Account translates in to lower transaction fees, in turn more savings.

And that’s not all! Access a DMA allows you to explore a successful online shop with own merchant account. It will reduce your cost and allow you to experiment with customized customer management tools.