Integrated Call Center

Extensive Support System for Indispensable Customers
All our clients are provided with the support of a committed team of professionals. Our clients also have the flexibility to use improved support services offerings to meet their specific business needs.

The Integrated Call Centre has the capacity to assist customers and resolve issues pertaining to a wide variety of business sectors. The Integrated Call Centre from Shimotomo assures assistance to customer 24x7.

Shimotomo has customized Call Centre Options designed for merchants. These plans are priced based on the available service options. Some of the benefits are listed below:

» Support client XML and/or other feed changes
» Update table structure and data
» Manage Data Validation Service production issues.
» Manage client user account roles.
» Tweaking of client’s management dashboard, as per requirement.
» Troubleshoot data issues for the client.
» Monitor, support and manage system processes.
» Re-map client indexed fields
» Update and/or modify virtual tables
» 24 x 7 x 365 support for Fraud and Chargeback Management solutions