IVR Based Solution

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a program that enables a computer (machine) to interact with customers through the use of voice and Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) tones input via keypad. IVR is meant to enable customers to interact with a company’s host system. They have to follow the process via speech recognition or a telephone keypad, which helps them with their own inquiries.

With the help of either dynamically generated or pre recorded responses, IVR systems responds and directs users. At present, IVR is deployed across various industries.

IVR Payment Gateway
IVR based Payment System enables users to process transactions over the phone. The phones are fully automated and direct users to process the payments through voice units. In this process, the important details like credit card number, pin codes, passwords etc. are kept with the customer itself. The information is fed in the system through keypad or touch pads of phones (machines). Once details are processed, realtime results and receipt numbers are generated and shared with the customer over the phone or via sms. It is a complete mobile solution ensuring you can transfer of funds anywhere.

Key Benefits
» Usually, other solutions require hardware and/or software, but IVR systems can be operated by anyone with a phone or mobile anywhere, anytime.
» IVR systems are capable of handling large call volumes.

Shimotomo provides you with IVR based solutions to help your business to grow.